Fall Felting

The weather is turning colder, and it’s a great time to be thinking about warm slippers, hot cider, and snuggling by the fire under a cozy afghan. I’m busy with several felting projects at the moment, and fall is such a nice time to work on things like that. I’ve got 4 pairs of slippers in process (serially, not concurrently) – one pair in the Laced Slippers Pattern, and I’m working on the Town Slipper Kit set for my nephews for Christmas. (I think I’m safe from their prying eyes here, as they are off doing teenaged boy things, not reading my knitting blog!)

I’m also working on a lovely felted afghan for my brother from the Nordic Felted Knits book. It’s crocheted as a huge, loose, lacy piece, and then felted. I’m doing it in a dark brown, and I think it will be pretty smashing (and yet macho enough for the male of the species).

Lacy Felted Afghan - book photo

Knit Picks also has a new felted handbag kit – The Arden Bag kit, which I just love. Very elegant and stylish! I’m tempted to buy the kit to make for next Christmas, but my DH is starting to rebel against that excuse when the KP boxes appear at the door.

Because of my felting immersion, I’m co-moderating a Felting KAL. It’s only my second KAL, so I have no idea what I’m doing. (I’m a geek by trade, so I’m more used to guffawing with the IT guys.) Anyway – if anyone else is out there and is fascinated by felting, come on down to the Felting KAL and tell us what you are up to!