Fall Into Creature Comforts


Well, the autumnal equinox was last week and I could feel its effects right away. It was like the earth just decided to skip any transitional weather and cut to the chase. But that’s ok with me, because I love fall! I’m ready for snuggling under layers of blankets, resting on a cloud of lovely pillows, and putting down rugs to warm my feet from the hardwood floors in my apartment. Luckily our newest pattern collection, Creature Comforts, is all about warmth and coziness.


There are three gorgeous blankets, Abrigado, the Star Dust Blanket, and the Love Tangle Blanket, each with a different and sophisticated stitch pattern. Knit in bulky and worsted weights so you’ll be able to finish them before fall is over, the textures and neutral tones would go with any decor.


The Zig-Zag Mat‘s stitch is interesting but not too complicated, and it creates a lofty fabric that feels squishy and very luxurious on bare feet.


Nothing’s nicer than hot tea on a chilly day, and Dressed for Tea will fancify your teapot AND keep it piping hot. I love the soothing blue of Fjord Heather and the delicate cables.


The two pillows, Comfy Cabled Floor Pillow and A Twist of Comfort, are gorgeously covered with cables, seed stitch and garter stitch. And since both feature comfort prominently in their titles, you know that they’ll be super soft and relaxing to lean against at the end of the day.


The Wallaby Waffles Tie-On Seat Cushions feature a wavy, waffley stitch pattern and they’re reversible, so it’d be easy to make each side a different color and then flip them whenever to match a different season, room, or even a different mood. Plus they really take the edge off hard wooden chairs!

So if you’re looking for ways to cozify (a technical term, I believe) your home, it doesn’t get better than Creature Comforts. Let us know which patterns you’re excited about below!


  1. Vickie / October 8, 2014

    *Love* the love tangle blanket.

  2. Laura from beautiful West Michigan / October 1, 2014

    Which ones do I like? All of them!!

  3. roxanne / October 1, 2014

    Where can I get the book or is it an e book