Every Way Wrap

I was so excited about the Every Way Wrap when it came out in the Fall 2009 issue of Interweave Knits. I had never knit reversible cables before (unlike regular cables, this cable pattern looks good on both sides; there isn’t an obvious front and back – which means you’re crossing stitches over while purling as well as while knitting), so I thought it would be a good knitting challenge. And, I love the scarf/wrap’s versatility – you can wear it so many different ways.

I’m knitting the wrap in the Mahogany color of Gloss HW. This yarn has excellent stitch definition and the shine of the silk in the blend makes the cables reflect the light so prettily. I’m really glad for the Zephyr needles I’m using for this project. Some of the cable crosses are kind of tight for me, probably because I’m new at reversible cables, so the slight flexibility of the Zephyr needle tips really helps keep hand fatigue at bay. <