Episode 360 – March is for Mending!

The time is coming to start putting away heavy knits for the spring, and that’s got mending on our minds. Lee and Producer Andi discuss invisible vs. visible mending. Lee favors visible, using woven darning and contrast colors, and Andi prefers getting as close to invisible as she can using Swiss darning and color matched yarn. They also answer Stacey’s questions on mending.

On the left is a not-quite invisible mend by Andi, and on the right is a deliberately visible mend by Lee.

Plus, hear about our hosts Lee and Stacey’s personal projects, Lee’s free new pattern she designed, and our latest eBook, Lounge Act: Knits for Kicking Back

Mentioned in this Episode

Game Day Cardigans pattern 

Lee’s Game Day with patch pockets 

Traditions Afghan pattern 

Block Party book 

Deep Winter Hat pattern 

Stardrift hat pattern 

Blackwood Cardigan sewing pattern 

Spumoni Hat free pattern 

Felici yarn 

Static yarn 

Lee’s any-gauge patterns 

Lounge Act ebook

Happy Hours ebook 

Voliere yarn 

Seawaves Top pattern
Trellis Tee pattern 

Swiss Darning tutorial

Duplicate Stitch tutorial 

Needle Felting Tool 

Darning Loom Kit 

Darning Mushrooms 

Darning Egg 

How to use a Darning Loom 

Darning with a Mushroom tutorial 

Darning Socks with an Egg

Hawthorne Multi yarn 

Katrinkles heart darning Reel 

Examples of embroidery as mending 

Examples of reverse applique and several other methods 

About Sashiko 

Sashiko videos 

Sashiko tutorial with pattern examples 

Example of embroidery and whip-stitching around holes in knits

Scotch Darning (one method that uses Blanket Stitch) 

Examples of decorative mends that use Blanket Stitch 

Blanket Stitch in a circle to cover a hole 

Example of mending with crochet 

Some general visible mending resources:
#Visiblemending on Instagram
Visible Mending on YouTube

Some general invisible mending resources:
#Invisiblemending on Instagram
Invisible mending on YouTube
Knitty article on repairs

Time Stamps

0:02 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast

0:30 Lee finally finished last summer’s KAL project

2:20 Stacey has been working on a range of crafts. Pattern buying is a craft, right?

3:45 Lee released a new pattern for free.

7:55 We also have a new eBook called Lounge Act. 

13:02 Producer Andi joins our hosts Lee and Stacey to discuss mending.

15:18 Visible vs invisible mending on wovens and knits

19:33 Andi invisibly mends knits using duplicate stitch and Swiss darning. 

23:41 Lee visibly mends using woven darning.

28:51 Reinforcing around the patch with running stitches

30:50 Visible mending with embroidery and applique. 

34:00 Have a mending party! 

35:30 A purely hypothetical question on how to repair moth holes.

37:18 Making the hole a design feature using steeking methods. 

38:38 Crocheting a larger hole closed. 

40:15 Send us your mending questions so we can talk about it more!

41:30 Credits

1 comment

  1. TheLadyJAK / March 12, 2023

    Great episode! I usually follow @bookhou for visible mending, she showed a great way of fixing holes in knitting (socks) that looks stronger and more long lasting than typical weaving, which I feel would usually just wear out pretty quickly again. I’ll definitely be holding onto this page for future reference, I love the embroidery fixes 🙂