Episode 355 – It’s Our 20th Anniversary

It’s the 20th Anniversary of Knit Picks! To celebrate our anniversary, we thought it’d be fun to go around the office and get early Knit Picks yarn memories from the team. You’ll hear a range of voices telling the story of their first Knit Picks yarn, favorite Knit Picks yarn, memorable old projects, and more.

Later, Stacey and Lee discuss our two newest yarns, Array and Elixir, and share a little bit about how they were developed and what it’s like to knit with them.

Mentioned in this Episode

20th Anniversary Patterns

Hawthorne yarns 

Odessa hat pattern (Ravelry link) 

Interference Cowl pattern 

Chroma Twist Bulky yarn 

Biggo yarn 

Arri Hat pattern (Ravelry link) 

Twill Worsted yarn 

Regan’s Twill Sweater 

Regan’s Twill Seed Hat 

City Tweed yarns 

Regan’s City Tweed Crochet Sweater 

Regan’s Alpaca Cloud Crochet Sweater 

Regan’s City Tweed Knit Sweater 

Alena’s One Ring Scarf (Ravelry link) 

One Ring Scarf pattern (Ravelry link) 

Capretta yarn 

Wool of the Andes Worsted yarn 

Brava Sport yarn 

Happypotamus The Happy Hippo crochet pattern (Ravelry link) 

Dye yarn with Kool Aid, Knit Picks blog tutorial 

Bare yarns 

Flying Vs pattern set (Lee’s colorwork patterns) 

Wool of the Andes Tweed yarn 

Swish yarns 

Chroma Worsted yarn 

Palette yarn 

Shine Sport yarn 

Comfy yarns 

Central Park Hoodie pattern 

Array (new!) yarn 

Ski Bunny Headband pattern 

Elixir (new!) yarn 

The Purl Thief pattern 

Swish Bulky yarn 


  • 00:05 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast
  • 00:22 It’s the 20th Anniversary of Knit Picks
  • 03:07 Early Knit Picks memories
  • 04:00 Jen’s Knit Picks memory
  • 05:43 Hillary’s Knit Picks memory
  • 06:38 Regan’s Knit Picks memory
  • 08:32 Alena’s Knit Picks memory
  • 10:31 Andi’s Knit Picks memory
  • 13:30 Carlene’s Knit Picks memory
  • 14:07 Lee’s Knit Picks memory
  • 16:09 Stacey’s Knit Picks memory
  • 17:47 We’ve got new yarns! Array and Elixir
  • 24:10 Credits

1 comment

  1. Claudia T / October 5, 2022

    how fun! can’t believe its been 20 years. but also, I CAN. knit picks does great yarns!