Episode 352 – Always Learning with Donna Estin
Game Day Cardigan by Donna Estin from Generations: Knits for All Ages

We couldn’t end our Game Day Cardigan KAL without talking to its designer, Donna Estin! She shares with us her inspiration for the sweater and clever little details incorporated into the pattern. Donna also tells us about the Boho Lace Vest from Transitions: Lace Patterns, drawing inspiration from the runway, TKGA’s Master Hand Knitting Certification, and enabling knitters to make their projects their own!

Boho Lace Vest by Donna Estin from Transitions: Lace Patterns

Plus, Lee and Stacey talk about our new yarn Journey Tweed and two new pattern collections, Filled with Joy and Transitions!

Mentioned in this Episode

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Calder Pants & Shorts sewing pattern 

Journey Tweed yarn 

City Cowl knitting pattern 

Filled with Joy: Holiday Stockings eBook


WeCrochet’s stockings eBook 

Transitions: Lacy Patterns eBook

Haven: Knit Lace Patterns eBook

Donna Estin 

Donna’s blog

Game Day Cardigan pattern 

Swish Worsted 

Donna’s orange and aqua Game Day sample (Ravelry link

Boho Lace Vest pattern 

Principles of Knitting book 

Simply Wool Worsted yarn 

Tilghman Men’s Cardigan pattern (Ravelry link)

High Desert yarns

The Knitting Guild Association 

Master Hand Knitting program 

Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting book 

Ann Feitelson’s The Art of Fair Isle Knitting book 

Suzanne Bryan’s YouTube channel 

TKGA’s Marketing Course 

Professional Knitwear Designer certification program 

Coronado Colorblock Pullover 

Knit Picks Complete Yarn Guide 2022 


Donna on Instagram 

Donna on Ravelry 

Donna on Facebook 


  • 00:03 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast
  • 00:23 What Lee and Stacey have been working on
  • 02:26 Our new yarn Journey Tweed!
  • 04:50 Our new holiday stocking collection Filled with Joy
  • 08:28 A second new collection? Yep! Transitions: Lace Patterns
  • 10:50 A quick Game Day Cardigan KAL progress update
  • 11:33 Introducing Donna Estin, designer of the Game Day Cardigan
  • 12:02 Donna’s inspiration for the Game Day Cardigan
  • 16:00 How the Boho Lace Vest was created
  • 18:39 Looking at runway shows for trends
  • 24:39 Continuously learning via patterns
  • 28:40 Donna’s work with TKGA and the Master Hand Knitting Certification program
  • 41:16 Using patterns as guidelines and making the piece your own
  • 44:35 What Donna has coming up and where to find her online
  • 49:00 Credits