Don’t believe that groundhog!

Maybe it’s just foolish optimism, maybe it’s the strangely calm winter we’re having here in the Pacific NW… But I say, spring is coming early! Early, I say! Hear that nature?

Why so excited about spring? Well, because I can show off my Fancy Feet!

Today it was actually warm enough to kick off my shoes and sit on the grass. (Sorry if you’re blinded by my Oregon tan, though) This is exactly the weather I had in mind while designing the Fancy Feet kit. Those wonderful days that are just warm enough to wear an open toed shoe, but still too cold to do so without socks.

They’re just enough to keep my toes warm.

What’s really cool about them is the heel. It’s designed to stay put!

It’s a modified short-row heel that comes up extra-high in the back, so that it will dip below your ankle bone but still come up over the back of your shoe.

What’s great, too, is that they’re knit toe-up and sized to fit. These are the sample ones (which I swiped – haha!) and they were knit in a women’s size 8 – each pair weighs an average of 35 grams. For a pair! That means there’s another 15 grams of yarn per ball to extend the size. They’ll easily go up to size 11! The stretch in the lace patterns make them so comfortable – even at 60 sts around they fit my really, really wide feet without being tight.

With seven patterns to choose from, you’ll have enough cute little socks to go for a week (or choose your favorite pattern and knit seven of those – it’s up to you!). These make a really cute gift and are so fast, you’ll have them done in time for *real* spring to arrive!

Take that, Punxatawney Phil!