Domo Arigato!!!

I love my job so much! Introducing, my favorite kit, ever:

Seriously, how could I not be totally thrilled when my boss lady says, “Knitted robots are a great idea, you should get right on that”?

I’ve never been so happy with something I designed as I am with these little guys. There’s usually many elements of surprise in the design process, where something looks just a bit different from how I pictured it, but once I had the pattern for these robots on paper, they came to life just as i was hoping they would.

Shall I introduce you? From left to right they are Oscillatrix, Mr. T and Squatty, named by our very own NoKnitSherlock, who knit the samples pictured here. Honestly, I’m impressed that she was able to part with them once they were finished! I love that each one is different and unique, that they are huggable yet still can sit up on their own, and well…that they are robots! I can’t imagine any better reason than that!

The kit includes patterns for all 3 robots, enough Shine Worsted to knit all 3 of them, and suggestions for creating custom-sized pockets to hold cell phones or small electronic devices! Here’s Oscillatrix charging my Ipod:

Sit, Oscillatrix, sit! Good Robot!