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Simone Kereit

Say “Hello!” to Simone Kereit – a designer from our fall pattern collection Burnished and this week’s contributor to our “From the desk of…” series. Let’s get to know what inspires Simone and learn more about her design process!




design inspiration: A lot of my inspiration comes from nature. One of my favorite things to do is hiking in the Fall. And the image of a flock of geese flying in formation overhead is so synonymous with Fall here on the East Coast, that it just had to find its way into my designs!



The Migration Sweater from the Burnished: 2014 Fall Collection


must-have workspace tools: My set of interchangeable needles goes everywhere with me! I got a cute little roll up for it, so they are very portable. That, my sheep tape measure, (if I can wrestle it from the cat that thinks it’s a toy) and my mechanical pencil. I do quite a lot of free hand drawing and sketching for my designs and being able to draw thin lines and not having to sharpen my pencil is great.

absolute favorite fiber: I’d say anything sheep! I tend to prefer the longer staple length of Blue Faced Leister or some of the Peruvian Mountain crosses over a merino. Longer fibers tends to be more durable and I wear my knitting any chance I get, so it goes through some rough treatment at times! Since I started spinning a little while back, I have developed a new appreciation for the different breeds of sheep and the fibers we use in knitting.

current color crush: I am definitely in a green phase right now, and I mean any shade of green from moss to bright spring green, dark blue green pine, to the color of ice in a glacier. Oh and I really, really like green combined with purple, lavender or fuchsia!

top down or bottom up: Whether I choose a top down or bottom up construction sort of depends on the design, I find sometimes it makes more sense to start one way over the other. But I do love the flexibility top down designs give a knitter, without too much effort, you can chose to keep going at the very end and make your sweater longer on a whim!

You can find Simone’s design here:

Migration Pullover Knitting Pattern
Simone’s IDP Patterns

And you can find the collection here:

Burnished: 2014 Fall Collection printed book
Burnished: 2014 Fall Collection ebook


Simone Kereit was born and raised in Switzerland where she started knitting around age 5. She now calls the East Coast her home, working as a personal trainer and nutrition coach during the day and dreaming of snowy mountains at night. She knits and designs (you can find her on Ravelry as simone77) to balance her active life with quiet time, slowing down and sitting for a change.



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  2. Jennifer Essad / August 28, 2014

    I enjoyed your interview, I’m just getting back into knitting after a move and adjusting from the 4 seasons in Michigan to pretty much 2 seasons here in FL. My stash includes natural & organics and I’m anxious to get started, I love your designs. Nature is important to me too, I love the colors that seem muted and I love texture. Hope you enjoy a wonderful fall season.