Classic Lines Cardigan

This week we are featuring a big favorite around here – the Classic Lines Cardigan.

This is an older pattern but one we just simply love.  Our own Alison wrote it – her one & only pattern so far – and it just looks good on everyone.  Check out all the gorgeous versions on Ravelry

Plus you can use any variation of several of our laceweights – we’ve seen versions in Shadow, Shadow Tonal, Gloss, and Shimmer.  Since it is a steeked sweater, you just need to make sure it is wool or wool blend. Alison, of course, prefers the neutrals (like the one above) but I just love the brighter colors.

Funny enough, I own a CLC!  I didn’t knit it though – it was a sample knit that didn’t work out but it fit me perfectly so I snatched it up.  I wear it all the time to the office because it’s lightweight but very warm (our office tends to be chilly sometimes). I have thought about making one myself though – I seem to collect a lot of laceweight yarns but never seem to do anything with them and this would be great project to learn all sorts of new things. (Steeking!  Eek!)

CLC is also a part of a fantastic eBook!

Bundle up features 5 other gorgeous sweaters, including Calluna, which was one of my favorite sweaters to knit.


You can get the eBook for $9.99 right here:

Bundle Up

And CLC is right here!

Classic Lines Cardigan

Have a great weekend everyone!