Chroma Love

Winter doldrums getting your down?  Those grey skies and dark days seeming monotonous?  Well, there is good news – we have new Chroma colors!

Chroma is one of our favorite yarns – in fact, our favorite staff meetings are the ones when we are deciding on new colors! (Second favorite – naming them all!)  We have been particularly excited to show you this batch.

I love Chroma – in fact, I have found myself using it a lot to crochet with.  Would you believe I have 3 afghans on my couch, all out of Chroma? I use them all time to keep me nice and toasty in my quite chilly house. The funniest thing is that, over the holiday break I also used my Cyber Monday Chroma purchase to make a giant granny square – just like Hannah!  They even have similar colors in them and neither of us knew that we were making them until we were both back in the office.

This was my little blanket, looking remarkably similar to Hannah’s! I did add a border to mine…even though I just found another skein of the same color so I may just take out the border & work another couple of rows.  It’s currently a 35″ square, which is a decent size for a lap blanket – and currently keeping my legs warm here in the office.

So naturally, I automatically want to crochet more afghans.  I’m trying to decide which I should use.  Green is my favorite color so I’m automatically drawn to Seaweed.

But then, I also love the softer rainbow of Watercolor.

And I’m automatically drawn to Soft Rock, but that might be more of when we were naming it, we had the giggles so bad we couldn’t go on for several minutes.

And best of all, several of our awesome IDP designers sent in some new designs so you can see the new colors in action!  Nona Davenport used the lovely Wondermint for her Merryweather Fingerless Mitts.

Rose Stewart used Parakeet for her pretty Napa Valley Wrap.

And a pattern I plan I doing as soon as possible, Deja Jetmir‘s Very Versatile Striped Crochet Beanie.  As I have said, I love to crochet with Chroma, plus I wear lots of slouchy beanies.  She used Watercolor and Grey – and I may need to use the same colors for my version.

So which of our new colors do you like the best?  And what are some of your favorite Chroma projects?