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Capra Contest Winner!

Our lucky winner from our Win Some Cashmere contest is Leanne, with post #903 – congratulations! Name: Leanne I’d love Caviar for the main color with Harbor stripes. What a great color combo to start the fall with and I’m sure it will be so warm. I can’t wait to order this yarn! Posted Aug 4, 2010 9:59 PM  We’ll be contacting Leanne by email so we can get her mailing info.  Thanks to everyone for participating – I’m ...

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Interview with Melissa Dominguez

Melissa Dominguez was one of the very first designers we approached when we started the Independent Designer Program and it's no wonder - several of us here love her patterns for OpArt and Josephine from Knitty. We all love her new patterns just as much and obviously you all do too, as she's one of the most popular IDP designers!  So I just had to do a little interview with her - enjoy!

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My current “Go To” project

This is the first sock I have made from Camille Chang's wonderful collection of sock patterns. Camille is a member of our Independent Designer Program. The short repeat in these Tic Tac Toe socks is easy to memorize, or figure out from the row below. That is why these have become my Go To project. Today is a perfect example. Bob didn't inform me that we were going out to dinner tonight until we were heading out to the garage this morning. No worries! I did a quick turn-around, went to the living room and grabbed the small Knitting Project Bag holding my socks and accessories. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having this kind of project always ready. Maybe I should change the name to "Marriage Saving" project.

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