Take Your Dog To Work Day Shenanigans
A dog laying on a knitted pillow

We LOVE our pets at Knit Picks! We couldn’t pass up the chance to celebrate Take Your Dog (and Cat) to Work Day on this toasty Monday in Vancouver, WA. We’re sharing some of the silliness and shenanigans which have ensued over this past year of working at home; yarn and pets can be a troublesome combo. We even found a few of the cutest pattern collections, which are shared below. Please keep the ohhhs and ahhhs to a minimum, since we’re workin’.

Kate Millard – Merchandising Coordinator:

A husky dog face leaning against a knitted blanket

Huskies, like my sweet girl Taco here, are not known for their self-restraint when it comes to things that are soft and squishy (read: yarn). Case in point, I had knit myself a super-cozy, Steve Zissou style beanie out of Stroll yarns last year. SOMEBODY grabbed it off the kitchen counter and proceeded to rip it to shreds, all while Mom was on a Zoom call for work. She was delighted; I still get a little teary-eyed thinking about my favorite bright red hat.

a tabby cat with giant green eyes playing in a pile of yarn

My girl Sushi is the biggest Chroma fan you’ll ever meet. I’m not quite sure what it is—the softness, the bright colors, the smell perhaps? Whatever it may be, she cannot be trusted alone with the stuff. For example—I left a couple of balls of Chroma Worsted on my dining table one day. I went outside to water the garden, and while I was away, she proceeded to make a big ole pile of yarn spaghetti. Upon returning to the scene, I found my sweet little rescue girl, rolling around the table amidst 500g (give or take) of superwash wool, living her BEST life. Needless to say, Sushi is no longer allowed near any Chroma. 

Zoey Baggins – Influencer Marketing Outreach Associate:

A corgi with a smile, a hand petting a corgi, and a corgi laying on a pile of quilt blocks laid on the ground

While my Corgi Nellie, is rarely interested in my knitting and crochet, she does often involve herself in my sewing. 

She’s been my favorite coworker since she was 8 weeks old, and had quickly mastered workplace charm. As self-appointed Branch Manager, she could often be found during lunch breaks, patrolling parking lots for trip hazards by removing any fallen sticks and carrying them around. Now that we’re remote, she has promoted herself to Chief of Security, and ensures all UPS and Fedex deliveries are accounted for. Authorization for deliveries are often obtained by her favorite UPS driver who generally has a snack waiting for her. 

During evenings and weekends, her title shifts to Fabric Specialist and Coziness Coordinator, depending on her mood. Always aware of potential hazards from sudden breezes, she is diligent to hold down any fabric that happens to be set upon the floor. Fabric holding is exhausting work, so it often leads to an afternoon snooze. 

Hillary Elliott – Creative Director:

I can’t resist sharing the woes of photo shoots with pets. My creative director, Pete Loaf, is always there to make sure my project photos look great.

Hillary doing a selfie of an indigo dyed knitted scarf along with her dog who is looking at the camera

Pet-Themed Knitting Patterns:

9 Lives has 10 cat-themed knitting projects.

Pawtastic includes 9 dog-themed patterns

the cover of 9 Lives by knit picks: a model sits with a cat. The model is wearing a hand-knitted sweater with a cat motif on frong.
The cover of Pawtastic by Knit Picks. A model wears a hand-knitted cardigan featuring a repeating pattern of dachshund dogs.

We hope we made you laugh and you are as inspired as we are to make something for your pet or to discover a project which your pet will love to manage the making process for. Either way, pets win. Definitely share your pet & yarn photos in the comments. We can’t wait to see them!


  1. Debbie / July 1, 2021

    I totally enjoyed reading all “the help” you receive! What would we do without our 4-legged co-workers?? I have 2 feline knit supervisors myself. They definitely keep me on my toes!

  2. Katie McDougall / June 22, 2021

    Thank you so much for sharing photos of your fur babies! They’re all charming and beautiful! And of course you’re all animal lovers. All the best!

    I’m in Vancouver this week. I hope you have a storefront so I can come say hi and leave some frogpelts behind!

    Love to you all! Be well!

    • Sarah Nairalez / June 23, 2021

      Hi Katie, thanks for reaching out! We are all big animal lovers here.

      Unfortunately we don’t have a traditional, brick-and-mortar, storefront to visit. We are primarily an online, direct-to-consumers retailer. We do love that you came by and said hi here on our blog.

      Hope you enjoy your trip to Vancouver.