Yarn for our Friends

Most of you know me as the Independent Designer Partnership Coordinator (quite the mouthful of a title isn’t it?) but another wonderful part of my job is working with local charities.  While most of our yarn stock is in Ohio, we do end up with quite a bit here in Vancouver – leftovers from projects or photoshoots mostly.  Lots of people ask what we do with all of it – and no, we don’t take it all home with us.  We actually donate all of our discontinued yarns & colors it to a couple of lovely local places.  One of those places is Friends Of The Children, a nonprofit group in Portland that provides the most at-risk children with intensive and long-term mentors.  We’ve worked with them in the past and they have a group called “Crafty Friends” that loves playing with our yarn & teaching children (and mentors!) to knit or crochet.

Since we are discontinuing a bunch of colors right now to make room for our fall stock, I went down to the small warehouse we have here to load up a box for our Friends.  That box turned into two..

..which turned into 3..

..which ended up being 4 boxes of yarn!

(A confession – I like to play with yarn, even if it isn’t mine)

I just kept adding more & more!  It probably sounds really silly but I kept imagining each skein in some child’s hand, knitting up a a scarf or crocheting a hat for themselves.  It’s so nice to be in the position to something like this!

Today, I loaded up my car and took the yarn to the lovely Allison.

She was very excited for all the yarn & told me it will be perfect for their activities over the summer.  I’m glad – I really hope they have fun with all of it!

Please check out The Friends of Children website – they are a wonderful group – and if you are in the position to give, please consider them.  They are very appreciative of any support!