Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Felted Project

What better way to get the Portland, Oregon Knitters for Knockers – Knit Picks team started than with a knitting project!! I designed this Free Pattern as something that can be “mass produced” and yet be personalized in each wearer’s unique way. You can make several versions for yourself, make “blinged” out versions for friends and family, or host a Bling Party with felted ribbons waiting to be decorated.

I started walking in the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure (Portland, OR) when a breast cancer survivor in our office invited me to join her in 1995. Back then only women walked which had a powerful effect on me. I was awed by the symbolism of the two strong sides of “support” people forming the banks of a river of women walking and gathering power from each other. It made the distinction between the women touched by cancer in some way and the men who loved them and were offering their strength along the way so clear that I cried for most of the walk. I love that the walk is now “co-ed” now but I’m glad that I had the opportunity to experience the symbolism of my first walk.

Over the years I’ve continued to participate in the Walk for the Cure and even led a team of knitters one year. I always regret not getting organized early enough in the year to be able to effectively call Portland area knitters together. This year I am so pleased to be the Team Leader for Knitters for Knockers – Knit Picks in Portland, Oregon.

This year I will be walking in celebration of my sister who is cancer free after a two year battle with breast cancer. She is out playing golf, taking beautiful photos and enjoying her kids and grandchildren.

To get the team off to a strong fund-raising start, Knit Picks is donating $1,000 to our goal. I have plans for making the next few weeks great fun for our team until we all get together on September 20th! If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, you can sign up to walk with me here. Go Team!