Basic Doesn’t Mean Boring

Light BasicsYou know what’s really exciting to me, in knitwear? Not so much texture, or lace, or fancy techniques. No, what really makes me want to cast on is a good, solid basic with lots of stockinette. Maybe it’s the minimalist in me that just wants a lovely blank canvas in whatever color I desire, or maybe I’m too fond of mindless knitting while watching TV or hanging out with friends, but give me a classic silhouette and next to no frills and I’m happier than a pig in mud (if pigs knit).

With that in mind, I love our Basics books, and at this time of year, Light Basics is definitely the most seasonally appropriate. It’s a fantastic collection of garments, including a hat, a shell, a shawlette, a turtleneck pullover and a cardigan, all knit in fingering weight, so even in warmer weather they’re light and easy pieces.

Light Basic Cardigan

I’ve already written about my love for the simplicity of the Light Basic Shell and with our new fingering weight yarn, Lindy Chain, there is seriously no better time to make one of these lovely projects! I can never have enough cardigans, and I think the Light Basic Cardigan, knit with my favorite color of Lindy, Urchin, would be just the thing to cut the chill of a Pacific Northwest summer night. And for fall I want to knit my boyfriend and myself matching Garter Ridge Hats in Hawthorne or Stroll Tonal.

Garter Ridge Hat

One thing I love so much about basics is that they are easy to customize. With just a few rows of lace at the hem or on the sleeves, maybe a cable, or some colorful stripes, you can have a customized, unique knit! If you’re new to customizing, or just need some ideas, there’s even a guide at the end to help inspire you, with graph paper to chart your stitches. It’s so satisfying to make a piece your own, whether by a little or a lot, so if you haven’t tried it I definitely recommend it!

Light Basics is definitely a collection I’ll keep around for its timeless knits and endless possibilities. What about you- do you love basics as well?