Bags bags bags!

Something I’m always on the look out for is a great knitting bag – it needs to be big enough to hold my projects, durable and easy to clean when I inevitably spill something on it, and a long handle to sling over my shoulder when on the go. Plus, it goes without saying, it needs to be cute! So I’m so very excited about our newest totebags – check out these beauties!


These gorgeous bags tick every one of my requirements!  I love the size – they are big enough to hold a large project such as a sweater, plus roomy enough for a book and my purse as well. And check out the lining!


Best of all, there are coordinating accessories that go with with them!


These great needle cases will hold a set of our interchangeable needle sets, DPNs, or crochet hooks, plus a little pocket inside for other accessories.


And these adorable zippered pouches – perfect for keeping your necessities together and easy to find when digging through your bag (and they make a pretty great wallet too).

All the bags have an vinyl exterior with a polyester lining, which makes clean up a snap. I’m actually going to use one of these totebag for a work bag to carry all the stuff I need during the day. Plus I love the mixing and matching possibilities!


I’m going to feel so glamorous toting my knitting around!

While we love the colors we chose, what colors do you think we need to add?


  1. Linda C Parkins / February 1, 2016

    A mustard yellow, tangerine orange, lime green, sounds great!

  2. Trisha / January 30, 2016

    I like sets so:

    Rose tote and rose-topped zippered pouch to match the rose needle case.

    A butter yellow would be a happy color.

  3. Vikki / January 28, 2016

    Deep Red, a royal blue, and a basic black or mahogany brown.

  4. Luisa Garcia / January 28, 2016

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