Baby Blanket Decisions

Even though my Christmas crafting is over, I still have some really fun gifts I’m excited to get started on. I have some really good friends expecting babies this year so that means I get to make a lot of baby things!

My first projects are for 2 dear friends who are expecting their first baby in May.  All of us are big University of Oregon Ducks fans (and if you are a college football fan, yes, we are all still celebrating the big win from yesterday) so I wanted to make sure I had a UofO theme for them.  I’ll definitely make a Duck Hat of course!

The big thing I’m having trouble deciding on is the baby blanket I’m planning on making for them.  I know I want to make a log cabin style blanket – I made the Log Cabin blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting several years back for my grandmother & it was a very enjoyable knit. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll do it in crochet or knit though.  In any case, my problem is deciding on the yarn. I know I want to use worsted but whether it should be wool, cotton or acrylic is frustrating me.

Here’s a sample of what I’m thinking for the look (the Oregon Duck colors are yellow & green)

Swish is one of my favorite yarns to work with – it feels nice against the skin and wool would keep a new baby warm. And of course being machine washable is very important for new parents.  I put together the colors I had in mind together:

That’s Bare, Black, Dublin and Swish Tonal Golden Glow.

Then I thought I’d see what Comfy would look like together. Comfy is a perfect yarn for babies – it’s so very soft!  Also, it might get more use since the weather will (hopefully!) be getting warmer here by May.

Shown in Ivory, Black, Creme Brulee, and Peapod.  

And working with Brava pretty much converted me to acrylic yarns so I put together my color choices for that.  Also it’s the most cost effective yarn!

Shown in Cream, Black, Peapod, and Canary

So can you see my dilemma?  I like them all!  What am I to do?  Help me out – which one do you like best?