As Promised, my Rainbow Socks

When I finished dyeing up my Rainbow sock yarn that I last blogged about, I was really really excited to start knitting with it RIGHT AWAY! But you know how it goes with socks..I had to get one of my billion sock projects finished before I could think about casting on another one. So while I waited for a free set of needles, I wound up the hank, to better admire the color combinations:

And then, of course, I sped through the socks on my needles and cast this on as soon as I could! I knit a simple, cuff down, stockinette sock with a traditional heelflap and a wedge-shaped heel turn. I thought that the riotoous rainbow tweed would be too busy to show off a stitch pattern (and I have a strong preference for plain socks anyway!) And I think I made the right choice:

Yay! I also got a picture against one of my favorite features of my house: the turqouise floor:

And my favorite part of the socks, the rainbow heels! Since my color repeat on these was so short, the colors will only stripe over very few stitches, so the short rows on the heels produced little rainbows. Forgive the awkwardness of the pose:

All in all, a fun and successful dyeing experiment!