Always something new to learn!

I have been impatiently waiting for Abby’s book to come out and it is a treasure!!

The life changing lesson I learned from Respect the Spindle is that spindling is even more portable than a small knitting project! I had often heard spindlers say that they, “spindle every day rather than spinning at a wheel once a month”. It seemed to make sense but I had never had anyone explain it as clearly as Abby.

First, Abby has the most credibility of anyone I can imagine. As a child, she grew up in Peru. She explains that little girls in Peru take their spindles EVERYWHERE! It’s part of their social life and source of entertainment and competition. That’s why Abby is so comfortable having a spindle with her all of the time.

I decided to embrace the spindle on our trip to Mexico. Abby points out that even the most simple knitting project requires that you take it out of the bag, set up the needles, maybe count something, etc. With a spindle, you take it out of its bag and spin.

I spun in the airport check in line, I spun in the security line, I spun on the plane, I spun walking around in Mexico and, as you know, I spun while in the golf cart with my sister. Then disaster struck!

I had intended to blog a lovely shot of my spindle with a full “cob” but you will have to settle for the photo of Abby’s book. Just know that Abby’s encouragement and phenomenal book is what turned me into a hard core spindler!

I have ordered a new Golding Spindle and I am going to be happily spindling soon! I choose the Celtic Sheep spindle over the aromatherapy only because I fell in love with the blend of sheepies and Ireland! They are both the same size so I shouldn’t have any trouble starting again on my spindled yarn for a pair of socks. <