Almost there!

This has been a rough few weeks, trying to hide this giant sweater from hubby! But after putting the sleeves on holders and deciding to steek the chest, it went much faster.

The motifs on the top were inspired by a trip to Alaska. We were both really entranced by the culture and mythology of the Native Americans in the region, and so I selected a few symbolic animals (that were EVERYWHERE, both in the flesh and in the iconography… stunning) that really spoke to us.

The front features two Salmon, symbolizing abundance:

And the back features Eagle, symbolizing success and power:

(the top of his head is there, just hidden under the rolling edge.)

And, lest you think that this sweater might be a wee bit on the small side….


Well, the steeks are all sewn and cut, and I’ve started knitting the sleeve caps (I’m actually working both at once right now, because I’m getting reeeeeally low on the dark blue yarn… hence the two strands hanging off). Then I have to pick up and knit the ribbed collar and I-cord edging for the neck placket; a quick toss in the washer and (regrettably, as I don’t like to do this) dryer, then a zipper goes in. This would all be cake, except that hubby cancelled game night tonight and will be home! Drat! So, I’m ‘working late’ today, hopefully I can get a lot of this done within a reasonable ‘after work’ sort of time frame!

Wish me luck, as this is my absolute last chance to finish it before our trip!