Alice’s autumn hat

When the weather turned chilly, I realized that Alice had outgrown all the hats she had as a newborn last winter. Knitting to the rescue! I’d had my eye on the Aviatrix Baby Hat pattern for a while, so that was an easy choice. Then I just had to go stash diving for the perfect yarn. I landed on Stroll Kettle Dyed in Gold. It’s my favorite of the kettle dyed colors, but I don’t wear yellow, so it was perfect to use for Alice, who looks great in yellow. The pattern calls for a DK weight, and, of course, Stroll is fingering weight, so I simply held the yarn doubled. The bonus to this was that the doubling broke up any pooling that the yarn may have wanted to do in the short-row constructed hat.

The construction of the hat is just so cool, and it stays on really well. I had so much fun making it, that I think I’ll make it again (maybe one sized up for me!). The only change I made to the pattern was to knit 8 total segments, instead of the 6 called for. When I make it again, I think I’ll make the chin strap narrower though.

Happy autumn, everyone!