A small preview of Gloss Lace colors

Lately we’ve all been waiting anxiously for our sample balls of the new spring yarns to come in, as we have to knit swatches and photograph the yarn for the catalog. Yesterday we did get one box of yarn in that contained some new colors of Shadow, Gloss, and a few of the colors of the new line, Gloss Lace. I’m knitting two different lace swatches to help out, and I couldn’t resist taking some photos of the yarn to share with you as I was winding my yarn in preparation for knitting.

This color is called “Mermaid” and is my personal favorite in the Gloss Lace line. It is a stunning turquoise blue color, and the silk in the yarn just sparkles in an almost metallic way.

This color is called “Port” and is very hard to describe, as it changes with the light because of the silk. I compare it to the color of a very ripe raspberry.

I don’t normally knit lace with lace weight yarn, but I am really loving knitting with Gloss Lace. Because it’s 2-ply, it’s a little heavier than, say, Alpaca Cloud, so it’s perfect for a newbie lace knitter like me. We are so excited about this yarn and can’t wait until it’s in our warehouse and we can share it with our customers! <