39 Felted Snow People – complete

I started Christmas early this year – last April or May. And I’m now done. Whew! I made 13 sets of the Felted Snowmen pattern (39 total snowmen). It was a wonderful project to work on over the summer. Very portable, small, and no heavy warm wool resting on me in the heat. Two of my Lumpies got special Christmas hats and scarves due to a Knit Picks Christmas Hat project (upcoming).

It’s great to be done with my Christmas knitting in early October – that leaves me time to make some murloc dolls (World of Warcraft video game monster) for my nephews and guild-mates, a snazzy charcoal vest for the DH, a green cabled cardigan vest for the doctor, and some socks for the DH. (DH is greedy, but that’s ok, since he’s the only relative I have that will wear wool. Sigh.)

Kudos to the Knit Picks photographers. It’s definitely an art and a skill that I lack! I tried several different ways of photographing the snowmen, and they just don’t look as cool as the KP photos. Maybe dark leather isn’t a good background for anything. Oh well! Maybe I’ll drag my bag-o-snowmen down to the photography department and beg for mercy before the snow people all go to their new homes. <