3 Kits to Complete Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost the end of January, and time to check in with our new year’s resolutions. Did you make any craft-related promises to yourself for 2016? If you did, some of our amazing kits might help you get those important tasks off the ground. If you didn’t make any resolutions, you might just want to take a peek at these (and our other) kits anyway. At a significant savings to you, these collections of items might just tempt you into brand new behavior, this year.

Resolution 1: Take Better Care of My Handknits.


I love superwash wool, don’t get me wrong. Throwing my kids’ knits made from Swish or Stroll into the washer/dryer and having them clean as a whistle is a true luxury. However, I also love more traditional wool and wool blends (my newest love being Preciosa Tonal Worsted Yarn), and sometimes those take a bit more time to take care of. Our Sweater Saver Supreme Kit comes with everything I need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. At 20% off the price of these items individually, this kit will have me on the road to wearing my handknits twice as much as I do now. For a lighter version, try our Sweater Saver Kit, too!

Resolution 2: Learn to Spin


Have you wanted to learn to spin? A drop spindle can be a great introduction to spinning, without the pricey investment of a spinning wheel. Our Luxe Drop Spindle Kit contains gorgeous items to have you spinning lovely yarn in lush autumnal colors. When I first saw those silk hankies my jaw dropped open. They are just so amazing, and look like so much fun to work with! If spinning isn’t on your to do list, why not try needle felting with our great needle felting kits? Fun and fast, they’ll have you on the road to a new craft, quickly.

Resolution: Make More Handmade Gifts


2015 was a good year for me in making handmade gifts. I made hats for my kids’ teachers, some stuffed animals and crocheted donuts for family members, and of course sweaters for members of my family. I find that for 2016, what I need to keep this all going, is inspiration from good patterns and tiny touches that make the items I make really special. If you’re a crocheter, our Baby Shower Crochet Kit contains just that. If you knit, why not try our Baby Shower Knits Kit. With so many great books, you’re sure to find patterns you’ll make over and over again. I also love all the special tags!

No matter what your resolutions were for 2016, we might have a kit to help you accomplish them! Check them out, right here!

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  1. Emily / January 26, 2016

    When will the “literary ladies” kit come back in stock?