3 Excellent New Crochet Books

There have been some outstanding crochet books stacking up here at Knit Picks. With our book sale now on, you can stock up on titles you might not indulge in otherwise. Every single book is 40% off! Here are 3 books I think are pretty extraordinary. They all have projects I can’t wait to make.


“Crochet Home” by Emma Lamb received so many “ooh”s and “ahhh”s when it landed in the office. The projects are pretty, fresh, and really unique. Sometimes with the number of crochet books produced in a year, it’s hard to see something so different in each one. The author of this one, Emma Lamb, has an interesting take on traditional crochet. My favorite project is the Granny Chic Pinwheel Blanket (Ravelry link).  It made me do a double take! It also moved to the top of my queue. I’d simply love to make it in Chroma Worsted Yarn, combining a bright multicolor with classy bare.


“Amigurumi Winter Wonderland” is an adorable book with so many clever toy projects perfect for winters stitching. There’s a Santa and Reindeer, but not all are Christmas themed. I love that hot air balloon on the cover. I think it would be the perfect complement to my kid’s room and I can’t wait to make it. A penguin, a puppy, and and a toy train make these patterns that will carry you all through the year, to the delight of everyone who sees them.


I loved Anna Wilkinson’s knitting book, “Learn to Knit, Love to Knit”. She has a knack for designing great basic shapes and then “turning up the volume” with the color or styling. Her new crochet book, “Learn to Crochet, Love to Crochet”  is no exception. There’s a floral pullover, a sweet swing coat, and a striped shift dress I would love to make and wear. A little bit retro, very charming, and super accessible, this book also contains great picture tutorials to guide you through each and every stitch.

Whether you aspire to start crocheting in 2016, want to brush up on abandoned skills, or challenge yourself with yet another year of spectacular stitching, there’s so many great books for crocheters on our site! Now at 40% off all titles, it’s hard to keep them out of your cart (or, at least, it is, for me).