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Bicolor Tweed: Free Knit Dishcloth Pattern

Marjorie Dussaud has created this week’s handsome free dishcloth pattern: the Bicolor Tweed Dishcloth. I’m smitten with this combination of stripes and textured slip stitches, perfect for rugged session of dish-duty! Dussaud notes that this pattern is great for beginners because it’s an easy stitch repeat for a big effect. I have this particular pattern ear-marked as a quick stash busting project, ideal for featuring striped sections of yarn from previous projects!

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Single-ply Yarn Fun


I can say with all honesty that Preciosa is a huge staff favorite – when we received our early office shipment, the squeals of delight were deafening as we pulled bag after bag out of the box, each skein getting more and more love.  While the bright candy colored tonal colors were the first thing that we crushed on, the soft cushy yarn itself was what made us fall head over heels in love. We describe Preciosa as a luxurious single-ply Merino yarn – but what does that mean for you when deciding on the perfect project for this yarn?

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Easter Craft: Felted Wool Eggs in 3 Easy Steps!

Do you feel the need to get crafty around Easter? I sure do! Maybe it’s the memories of egg dying, or maybe it’s the pastel color range that I never choose any other time of year, but something about Easter makes me want to make things. This year, I’ve been exceptionally short on time, so I made some wool felted eggs. It took about an hour, and most of the crafting was done by my washer and dryer. It was loads (get it? loads!) of fun, and the result was these felted eggs that I’ve found many uses for, around my house. Want to see how I made them?


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April 2015 Wallpaper Calendar

Spring is officially underway and we are celebrating April with the vibrant and playful colors of one of our favorite new yarns: Preciosa! The colors are so cheerful and remind us of clear blue skies, brightly colored flowers and warm weather.

To get the free calendar background of your choosing (for smart phones, tablets and desktop computers), simply click the applicable device icon below. Enjoy!

April 2015 wallpaper calendar


Desktop wallpaper calendar for mobile 2015
Desktop wallpaper calendar for tablet 2015
Desktop wallpaper calendar for desktop 2015


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