Easter Craft: Felted Wool Eggs in 3 Easy Steps!

Do you feel the need to get crafty around Easter? I sure do! Maybe it’s the memories of egg dying, or maybe it’s the pastel color range that I never choose any other time of year, but something about Easter makes me want to make things. This year, I’ve been exceptionally short on time, so I made some wool felted eggs. It took about an hour, and most of the crafting was done by my washer and dryer. It was loads (get it? loads!) of fun, and the result was these felted eggs that I’ve found many uses for, around my house. Want to see how I made them?


First, I took a bunch of colors of Wool of the Andes yarn. Some was Sport Weight and some was Worsted. It didn’t’ really matter. You could order some or your favorite colors  or use your scraps, but make sure your yarn is 100% wool, and definitely skip the “superwash” ones. I made eggs out of colorways: Cloud, Wonderland Heather, Haze Heather, Mai Tai Heather, Green Tea Heather, and Blossom Heather. You’ll also need a pair of panty hose or tights. For me, it was a chance to get rid of a pair that I won’t wear again. Have some with runs? Perfect.


I wrapped my colors into small balls, over three fingers, pretty tightly. Then I did some horizontal wraps to make a basic egg shape.


Next, I stuffed the yarn balls into the tights and tightly knotted the tights between them.


Then I threw it the washing machine on the hottest setting (with blankets and clothes, as you can see) and the dryer on the hottest setting, too.


And Voila! When I took them out, they were done. Can you even call this a craft? If your “eggs” are looking more round than egg shaped, just push and pull them a bit with your hand. If you have a needle felting tool, you can also do some punching to further felt the fibers and define the shape. Leave them plain, or decorate them! I was thinking about some seed bead sewing, when it occurred to me that I could just use push pins in different colors, to make graphic patterns.


They’re great fillers for a child’s Easter basket (careful with the pins in this case, of course). My older daughter just got a play kitchen for her 3rd birthday and will be getting a dozen wool felted eggs with which to play. How can I resist making them while doing her laundry? It’s so easy!


They’re also a great present for a crafter. They genuinely make great pin cushions! Wouldn’t it be great to have an Easter Craft Party with some friends and set a casual table with these as placeholders? If you don’t sew but love knitting, decorate them with T-pins or Flat Flower Pins – perfect!

We hope you’ll work some handmade love into your celebrations this weekend and beyond. Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. Jan / April 5, 2015


  2. KB / April 2, 2015

    Cute! I would definitely have been tempted to do this if this had been posted sooner. At this point, the yarn wouldn’t arrive until after Easter.