Book Sale! Great New Titles

We’re well in to our book sale where you can save 40% on all books in stock! There are so many titles on our site now so there are tons of new books and old favorites to browse. Trust me, I know. We keep copies of all our books here in the office and they just happen to be stored on shelves in my cube, I love scooting my office chair over and spending a few minutes browsing new titles and getting inspiration (and maybe making a photocopy… or two). I always look forward to our book sales, and I wanted to share three of my favorite new titles that you can order now to save 40%!

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Diadem: Luxury Without Limits

Summer is a great time for smaller knits – things you can put in a project bag and take with you on a plane ride or a road trip. I like to grab a pattern and yarn that I’ve been looking forward to making and, once completed, put these items into a “gifts for anyone” bag. That way, when I need a birthday gift or have one more person for gifting at the holidays, I have some things ready.


Diadem is the perfect yarn for smaller items that will make you, or the recipient of your gifts, gasp with delight. A delightful blend of alpaca and silk, Diadem is soft beyond belief, and as shiny and luxurious as the gemstones that the colorways suggest. I would love to make the Palazzo Lace Scarf, above, and the Ciel Sorbet Poncho, below. I think anyone I know would be thrilled to receive them.

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Sweet Spring Projects by Independent Designers

Spring is most definitely in the air! It’s time to put away our sweaters and chunky scarves and bring out our lighter wardrobes. For all of us fiber lovers, that means it’s time for a fun new spring yarn project! Or two… or three…

Let’s start with this fabulous Mesa Wrap, designed by Chelsea Berkompas. It’s a light and airy summer wrap with sections of mesh lace and a distinct striping pattern shaped by simple short rows. Knit in Lindy Chain, this wrap has a wonderful drape and sheen.

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Dishcloth Remix: The Queen Jane Blanket

suspect the reason I love making blankets so much is that they are basically grown up dishcloths. You get the ease of a dishcloth pattern (think: no shaping!) but the pizazz the size of a blanket affords.

This lovely lace pattern is the free Jazz Age dishcloth from our 52 Weeks of Dishcloths: A Kitchen Spectacular.

The Queen Jane BlanketI named it Queen Jane in honor of my little niece who was born just this week. Her adorable siblings held a coronation to install her as High Queen of the Home. Once the bitty Queen is big enough, she’ll claim this blanket as her rightful own!

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New Kits Now Available

We’ve added some adorable kits to our site lately! If you’re looking for a great gift for a knitter, an array of products to help you with your craft, or a treat…just because, we’ve curated a few kits that will fit the bill!


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Meet Jennifer!


We’ve made a few changes in the office recently and I’m pleased to introduce you to one of our newest Knit Picks team members, Jennifer! Jennifer is brand new to our team, and has become a Jill-of-all-trades around the office. From processing all the new books we get in, to e-mailing with the designers in our IDP program, she’s quickly become an indispensable addition to our little group. We asked her some quick questions about her crafty background and her experience working here, so far!

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Product Demos and Reviews

Do you ever find yourself wanting more information about a Knit Picks product? We do product reviews and demonstrations for many of the items we carry, and they’re available for you on our site, anytime you need them. Whether it’s a new yarn, a tool, or a bag, it’s sometimes fun to know as much as you can about something before you order it.


I like to watch the yarn reviews because there’s lots of suggestions as to what certain yarns are good for, as well as what they’re not! I don’t always follow the rules, but I’ve learned a lot about fiber blends, and how some are good for items like socks, for instance, while others not so much.

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9 Things We’re Loving for April

April showers bring May flowers, along with a treasure trove of crafty goodness in minty greens and cool teal blues! From small pouches adorned with llamas to pretty, yet totally practical storage for your craft room, here’s a smattering of things we’re loving this month for April. Happy crafting!

1. Comfy Sport Yarn in Sea Foam>> 2. Sideways Throw Crochet Pattern>> 3. Gem Basket in Mint>> 4. Llamarama Pencil Case>> 5. Dishie Yarn in Mint>> 6. Lagoon Blue Canister, small>> 7. Colorblock Zippered Pouch in Teal & Silver>> 8. Amused Infinity Scarf>> 9. Brava Sport Yarn in Cornflower>>

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Christmas in Springtime

We hear it’s been snowing on the East Coast these days, so why not talk about Christmas?


Around New Years this year, I started knitting a project I plan to work on throughout the year. It’s Just Crafty Enough’s Mitten Garland Advent Calendar (Ravelry link) and I’m making mine in Preciosa Fingering Yarn in Bare, Gladiola, Stormy, Stormy, and Bonsai. I started by knitting four or five mittens right after Christmas, and then I realized I had twenty more months to complete the project, so I put it away for a while. The crazy thing is, I started to miss it! So after I finished a sweater for my daughter, I took the mittens back out again. So it has gone, for the past few months: I fill in with a couple mittens here or there, when I finish a larger project and don’t quite want to cast on for another, right away. There are a few tools I’ve picked up that sure have helped move things right along. Want to know what they are? They might just help you in small knitting projects you might be doing, this summer.

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