Chroma Hats

Chroma has been out for about 2 weeks now – have you tried it yet?  I am honestly so in love with it.  I can’t stop knitting with it!  First I tried the fingering weight for my Fishy Mitts that I already wrote about.  But when I finished, I wanted to keep playing with it!  Hats are one of my favorite things to knit (sadly, no one I know wears hats…so now I have a lot of them) so I decided to try out some different hat patterns with Chroma Worsted.

First – I decided to do a Turn A Square by Jared Flood.  I’ve actually never tried this pattern before, though I have done a few by Jared Flood.  Alison has an addiction to this pattern so it seemed like a perfect time to try it out.

Turn a Square

What a fun hat!  Just mindless enough to do when watching a movie but interesting enough to hold my attention at other times.  I used Bittersweet Heather & Smoothie for it – my jogless jogs didn’t turn out as well as I hoped though

 Turn a Square

but I really like how the color changes came out – and I love it mixed with the brown. The top decreases look so neat!
  Turn a Square

I ended up doing a smaller one for my 6 year old nephew because he’s an Oregon State Beavers fan & orange is their color. (I myself am a Univerisity of Oregon Ducks fan but I don’t hold that against him).  I did it in opposite colors of mine – though I didn’t get a photo of it sadly.

Then last week, Kirsten Kapur tweeted about her new pattern called Ida’s Kitchen and the minute I saw it, I knew that was a good choice to try Chroma with.  Only trouble was which color to choose?

It took awhile but I decided on Rollerskate – such bright fun colors!  It worked perfectly with the pattern:

Chroma Ida's Kitchen

I just love slouchy hats and this one is so much fun to wear.  My favorite part?  The top is so cute!

Chroma Ida's Kitchen 

And the chevron striping is a nice alternative to straight striping – and isn’t much more difficult to do than just stockinette.

 Chroma Ida's Kitchen

So if you bought a skein of Chroma because it was just so pretty (which, believe me, I did!) and are looking for something to do with it, hats are a perfect project.  I had leftovers from my Ida’s Kitchen – even with the extra length – and a lot left over from the 2 Turn A Square hats I made.

Do you have any suggestions for one skein Chroma projects?  Leave them in the comments – I have several more skeins to use up!

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