Fun with Chroma

Knitting the Autumn Sun shawl  in Chroma worsted was completely addicting.

The whole shawl is knit in garter stitch with simple increases on each end to create the triangle shape as you knit (the pattern is available on Ravelry as a free download). With no fancy stitch patterns to memorize or charts to check and re-check, I sat back and watched the colors in the Mix Tape colorway transition from yellow to green to pink to brown.

Some of the changes were unexpected, and some were so gradual, I barely noticed them until I took a break and stepped away from my knitting. It was completely mesmerizing to just sit and knit and watch the yarn do all the work. Striping Mix Tape with the Bare toned down the bright pinks and acid green and made it a little softer, and the overall effect is really playful and fun. Chroma is also much softer than I’d originally anticipated, I keep trying to insert the word “soft” into all our marketing text now!

I’ve already started my second Chroma shawl since I’m planning on giving this one away. I see a lot of rainbows in my future for 2011…