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Knit Picks staff: Amber
Things we love: staff favorites

Did you know that every one of the Knit Picks staff knits and/or crochets? In fact, even our customer service representatives are experienced knitters - along with two of our IT staff members. It's true - we're knitters too! We thought you might enjoy meeting some of our staff and seeing a few of their favorite items. Knit Picks staff favorites: Michelle's picks

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Behind the Scenes: Creating Hawthorne

If you're anything like me, you've been drooling over our new Hawthorne yarn colors. I cannot wait to spend many happy evenings knitting colorful scarves and baby sweaters with the delicious new Multi colors and Tonal line.

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Create Your Own Milestones and Memories Projects

Growing up, my beloved grandmother always knit or crocheted at least two afghans for her grandkids. One was given to us right after we were born (mine was a Raggedy Ann & Andy blanket), the other was given when we were 18 and was a series of squares, some plain, some with our favorite colors, some with pictures of things we loved (cats and books features heavily on mine - not much has changed). With that in mind, we have put together a collection with a similar theme - the Milestones and Memories collection.

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Podcast 260: Handsome Handpaints

Everyone loves a colorful yarn, and we've always been particularly proud of our gorgeous sock yarn, Hawthorne. Inspired by the crush we all have on the newest addition to the Knit Picks lineup, Hawthorne Tonal, we thought we'd take some time to explore hand painted yarn, from both technical and aesthetic points of view

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Chroma Twist Bulky Close-up
The Monthly Yarn Sale: Chroma

This month's yarn sale is all about Chroma. Chroma Fingering. Chroma Worsted. Chroma Twist Fingering. Chroma Twist Bulky... Shall we make more? Enjoy 20% off our color-transitioning superstar and while you are at it download one of our amazing free patterns designed just for Chroma's unique color blends.

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Introducing Hawthorne Tonal (plus colors in Multi!)

IT'S HERE!!! The newest addition to our popular Hawthorne yarn family is Hawthorne Tonal, featuring beguiling, shifting depths of rich color. These 12 hand painted lovelies provide a subtle and sophisticated counterpoint to the wild chromo-diversity of Hawthorne Multi.  And least you think it's a repeat of our Hawthorne Kettle Dye, take a closer look. While Kettle Dye features several shades of the same color, Tonal brings in touches of analogous colors, with undertones and highlights of tones from similar color families. Can you just imagine the brilliant shawls, sweaters, socks and hats these would make? Drool!  

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Interchangeable needle sets 25% off at
Exciting & New – Summer 2017

Oh boy, are we excited here at Knit Picks! Today our new catalog launches, and it has some very fun new items I think you are going to absolutely LOVE. Read on to see what's exciting & new for Summer 2017! The BIG News: Hawthorne Tonal

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New Hawthorne yarn from
New Hawthorne Yarn: Sneak Peek!

It is hard for me to adequately convey how excited I am about our upcoming Hawthorne yarn updates. Keeping it a secret has been close to not peeking at the Christmas presents when I was a kid. Just because I CANNOT WAIT until this Wednesday when we realize them, here is a sneak peek of the delicious hand painted hues coming soon!

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Monthly Yarn Sale – Wonderfluff!

Softer than a kitten, fluffier than a cloud, Wonderfluff is a technological marvel! Silky baby alpaca and fleecy merino fibers are blown into and caught in a lightweight tube of nylon mesh. The result is a yarn that's beautifully bulky yet lightweight and warm, with surprising resiliency. Wonderfluff works with a wide range of needle sizes and with 142 yards per 50g, the generous yardage allows for large, luxurious projects that won't break the bank. Normally $6.99 a ball, it’s now just $5.59 through the end of July!

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