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Slippies and Hot Water Bottle

Warm and happy. Nice new slippers to celebrate all of the snow we had at our home the last couple of weeks. And, in my enthusiasm for Chroma in fingering weight, I had completely forgot that we also had it available in worsted weight. Alison pointed this out to me as I blocked my Gentle Reversible Shawl and was trying to figure out my next Chroma project.

This is my free Seed Stitch Hot Water Bottle Cover pattern. I used the twisted stitch version to give the fabric even more texture. It only took a few hours to knit the cover so I was able to use it to keep warm during the worst part of our winter storm.  I used one ball of Chroma Worsted in the Mesa colorway plus a little bit more. The good news is there was plenty of yarn left in the second ball to make a hat.

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So, how are those resolutions going?

Progress is delicious!

OK, admit it. It’s the beginning of March – you’ve probably forgotten
what your knitting resolutions even were for this year. I mean, isn’t
that the point of resolutions? You’re supposed to forget aaaaaallll
about them till about December 15.

Well, unless you’re me and you’re completely out of your mind. Why do
I say that? Because not only do I have lofty goals for this year, but I
have all of them. Pretty much. Ok, let me explain.

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Winners of Entrelec: The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting

Thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway! It was so
fun to see how many people were inspired to learn entrelac and give it a
try. Unfortunately, we were only able to pick three winners.  To select
winners, we used a random number generator that chose our winners based on the number of their comment. 

Our winners!

#29 Tami Hunt

Wow,that looks fun! What a fun giveaway!


#395 Cindy Kester

This is a technique I would really love to learn. I want this book! It
looks to me that it would be the best way to learn this technique.

#701 Feisty Irish Wench

OOOH! I have a friend that tells me entrelac is easier than it looks,
and since she’s 1500 miles away, she’s not here to show me. I’d love a
copy to learn from and share with the friend that taught me to knit!

Our winners have each been sent an email and as soon as we hear back
them, we will ship them their prize. I am sure that all of our winners
will soon be on track to make some really beautiful entrelac projects
thanks to Rosemary’s wonderful book.  If
they do, we will be sure to post them!  Thanks again everyone!

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Fiddle Knits!

Being the coordinator for the IDP program has really introduced me to
some great designers that I may not have been familiar with before.  I
mean, I’m a knitter (and, as of late, a crocheter) and over the past
couple of years, I’ve been getting many of my project patterns via the
web so it was a natural fit for me.  So you can imagine how hard it is
for me now to decide what to make next!

One designer I was not familiar with when I first started on IDP back in November 2009 was Erica Jackofsky – but now she’s become one of my very favorite designers and I get excited every time she submits a new design.  Her patterns are fantastic – not only are they super cute, but they are honestly really fun to knit (and now crochet, as she recently had a series of crochet patterns released).  I’ve made several of her patterns and they will certainly not be the last.  And I finally got pictures in between storms here in the Northwest!

First, I had some Capra in Honey in my stash without project so I had to make Scalliwag because I wear a lot of hats & especially love slouchy ones.

Pirate Honey 



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