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The Stitch Doctor–Materials Introduction

I learned to knit somewhat randomly.  After camping, I went to a laundromat to wash my sleeping bag.  I was bored, so I wandered around the shopping center next door, and found a yarn store.  I stepped inside and was immediately impressed by all of the pretty yarns, and I couldn’t believe that it was possible to knit the projects!  I bought some yarn and needles, and the owner sat down with me and showed me how to cast on and knit.  But it just wasn’t making sense to me!  I’m left handed, and I do most things in the mirror image of a right handed person.  So I tried to make up a way to knit left handed, without really understanding what I was doing.  So it didn’t work, and I was frustrated, but stubbornly determined to learn.  

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Warm Knits, Cool Gifts giveaway – Winners!

Wow, nice to know that I’m not the only one ready to settle in for cold weather knitting! I know everyone’s anxious to see who won! Remember, we have seven copies of Warm Knits, Cool Gifts to giveaway. We used a random number generator to pick comments, and here are the winners:

549 Barb

25 Nicole Williams

873 Robin

998 Dee

377 Michelle A

120 Carol Geigley

729 Cindi Mariano

Congratulations!  We will send an email to each winner and mail their books to them.

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Fall Nesting: Warm Knits, Cool Gifts Giveaway

We have not had any summer this year. Most of the days have been
rainy and downright cold. I mean fire in the fireplace, raid the
winter’s clothes, grab my hot water bottle kind of cold!

With so much bundling up the last couple of “summer” months, I have
been astonished by my traditional autumnal urge to nest. All I want to
do is sit down, surround myself with yarn, needles and books and knit
my way throught to next spring. I hope we have a spring and summer next

It turns out that winter is Sally Melville’s favorite season. How do
I know it’s her favorite time of year? By reading her introduction to Warm Knits, Cool Gifts.

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Grab a pint!

I love living in Portland – for those unaware, Portland Oregon and
Vancouver Washington, where the Knit Pick secret lair is located, are
just separated by the Columbia River, so many of us working here
actually live in Portland.  Portland has such a vibrant creative scene
which, while it definitely includes a lot crafty fiber people, it also
has a strong food, wine, and coffee local scene.  And my personal
favorite – locally made handcrafted beer! (We aren’t nicknamed Beervana
for nothing here).  Walk into practically any pub and I bet you’ll find a
locally made (and yummy) beer here!

So when spillyjane put out this mitten pattern, I knew they had to be mine.

Beer Mitts!

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New Class!

Next week, I am going to start a class on how to fix common knitting mistakes.  For me, learning how to fix my knitting was just as valuable as learning to knit.  If you are confident that you can fix any errors in your knitting, it makes it easier to try new techniques, because you are fearless!  And everything in knitting can be fixed.  My class is going to have videos of techniques, as well as written tutorials.  

Also, I’d love feedback from you!  Is there something specific that you would like me to cover?  Do you have questions about what you are knitting?  I can help!

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