Holiday Elf

We’re getting ready for the holidays at Knit Picks, but our holiday store mascot elf isn’t too happy about it!  It seems that we interrupted his vacation in Hawaii!

Check out his aloha shirt!

Anyway, our elf had a really fun vacation.  Here’s a snapshot of him flying over waterfalls and rainbows as he plays the ukulele!

And he went to a luau with tiki statues and leis!

He also had time to go swimming with tropical fish in a coral reef.

Our elf gave Brett some attitude when he came back to the office.  He wasn’t ready to help Brett with the website!

But now the temperatures are dropping, and the elf is in a better mood.  He’s ready to help us with our Christmas projects!  If you are going to knit or crochet gifts in time for Christmas, now is the time to start.  For gift ideas, check out our Holiday Store.