Zippered Pendleton needle case makes travel easy

Wendie's Garden - A

But, having a selection of Options needle tips and cables available doesn’t make me any more productive.

For the next couple of days, Bob and I are staying with friends who have a home just outside Vancouver, B.C. Wendie and Dave are delightful hosts.

Before we left for our trip to Canada, I “borrowed” a Pendleton needle case from the office. Talk about appealing to the tactile obsession of knitters! I love the partially felted fabric and, of course, the Fern colorway.

Pendleton Needle Case Open

What a relief to know exactly where to find my cables and needles tips. Too bad that I’m not finding time to knit everything I packed. Some women overpack clothing in anticipation of every possible event. But, I believe I will be knitting every minute of my vacation. That translates into packing the yarn and instructions for at least five projects. Mind you, this is only a ten-day road trip. Some how, the “only knitting” thing doesn’t happen as much as I plan.

Wendie's Garden - B

Even today, I will be out touring Vancouver, B.C. with Wendie. But, she has a golf lesson this afternoon so I am going to brew up a pot of coffee and settle down in her garden.

Cupcake Mitten in Progress - A

My hope is to make more progress on my Cupcake Mittens. It is so much fun watching the rows of cupcakes develop. Each cupcake is only five rounds so it goes pretty quickly. BTW, my idea of putting the cupcake color yarns into little balls has worked perfectly!


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