Yep, it’s another Billow Blanket

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Billow for blankets of any shape and size? I am officially hooked! This is my second blanket that I’ve made with this bulky cotton and there are just so many reasons why I will inevitably continue to make more.

Aside from Billow’s supreme softness, I adore how the slight thick-and-thin nature of Billow translates in crocheted stitches. Plus, it’s an excuse to whip out my hefty 6.5mm crochet hook! And that means lots of progress in short amounts of time, which is insanely satisfying when it comes to making blankets.


My last Billow blanket was an endless crocheted granny square, big enough to cover my entire bed. This time around, I opted for doing a blanket in a solid color (Billow in Cornmeal!) and simply working double crochet through the back loop for every row. It works up quickly and adds a lovely texture that is both classic and modern.

Right now, the blanket is 70″ long and 18″ wide. I might even splurge on a few extra skeins to add a cute scallop edging as a border!


Here is a close up of the stitch I’m working for the blanket – I am in love! If I keep up my diligence, I should have this blanket finished in the next week or two.

Originally, I had planned on the textured stripes to run horizontally across the blanket. However, in my eagerness to start – I chained and chained and chained, making it much longer than I had planned. That’s what I get for not making a proper swatch! My workaround is that I will just work the blanket until it is the width that I like and the textured stripes will be vertical instead of horizontal.

Is anyone else working on blankets just as summer is starting?

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  1. Kelly H. / April 30, 2014

    I’m knitting a log cabin blanket in Brava for my son. It’s garter stitch, so it’s super slow going, and as the months warm I’m likely going to set it aside for cooler things to work on. Hopefully I’ll have it done by the end of the year! I just love how soft Brava is!!

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