Warmth for Winter Blues Contest Winnter

Wow – we had over 1500 entries!  I hope you had fun picking your favorite blue yarn and the ideas you listed were great!  I just added a bunch of patterns to my queue from them.

We can only have one winner though.  So congratulations to Jackie! This was her comment:

Shadow lace in Opal Heather is beautiful! It’s evocative of a painting by Monet… <3 It would make an amazing Featherweight cardigan =)  I love blue and gray together and you get an added bonus with all the subtle hues of rose and lemon too.

I quite agree – I love Opal Heather!

And the Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig hasn’t been one I’ve seen but now I’ve got to make it!

Thanks everyone for entering – we’ll have more contests soon!