Vote for your favorite dye color(s)

Yesterday, I dyed some samples of Jacquard Acid dye colors we don’t currently carry. For comparison, here are the colors we do carry. Do you see any colors in the photo above that you’d like us to carry? Please leave a comment with your vote(s) – yes, more than one choice is allowed!
Top row, left to right: navy blue, gun metal, periwinkle, violet, spruce, brilliant kelly green
Bottom row, left to right: scarlet, russet, aztec gold, golden yellow, silver gray

Separately, a customer called in to ask what happens to the tweed nebs in our Bare Essential Tweed when it is dyed. Since I had only used Kool-Aid dye on Essential Tweed before, I dyed a sample in our darkest Jacquard color, jet black (if you love black Essential Tweed, you can get it already dyed here). The nebs might be just a tad grayer than they are in the undyed version, but they still really “pop” visually from the background. I’m sorry this photo isn’t terrific. It is, after all, black yarn, but in person the nebs show really well. <