Unfinished Objects: Celebrating Worldwide UFO Day

Worldwide UFO Day is coming up (celebrated on June 24th or July 2nd), and to celebrate (with a fiber arts twist), we are sharing our own UFOs, or Unfinished Objects! Find out when we consider a project a UFO, what our UFOs are, and what is standing in the way of finishing them.

Monster Rattles: Knitted rattles with monster faces
Monster Rattles pattern by Emily Kintigh

What is an Unfinished Object (UFO)?

First, our staff had to haggle over the exact definition of an unfinished object. When do we consider a project a UFO, versus a Work in Progress?

Lee wearing a sweater she made in teal, orange, coral, white, and mustard.

Lee helped us define it, “Personally, I think of Unfinished Objects like how Ravelry projects have ‘in progress’ and ‘hibernating’ as separate options… I think of a UFO as hibernating, not currently being worked on, but planning to return to it one day. I may or may not actually finish it, it may end up getting frogged, but at the moment, it’s not actively being worked on but just set aside.”

We asked the rest of the team: What are your Unfinished Objects? What has kept you from finishing these projects?

Since Lee generously helped us with the definition, let’s start with her UFO:

Graphic Designer Lee’s UFO

One of Lee's Unfinished Objects: A hand wearing a partially-knitted mitten in green, chartreuse, gray, and red

Lee: I started these mittens in November 2015, and somehow lost motivation when I reached the thumb of the first one. I could go ahead and finish up that thumb in no time, but then I have a whole other mitten to knit, so I’m not sure I’ll pick it back up anytime soon since it’s starting to feel like summer. Maybe in the fall!

The pattern is Incenter and I don’t really know why the project became a UFO… I think I got distracted by another project at the time, and then I basically forgot about it!

Marketing Manager Heather’s Unfinished Objects

One of Heather's Unfinished Objects: A crocheted bag in a gradient of gray, orange, green, blue, teal, purple, and black.
Heather Headshot

Heather has TWO unfinished objects (that she would admit to. A little birdie told us she has about 27! You can hear her catalog them all on the WeCrochet Podcast episode Hip WIP Hooray.)

First up, the Janie Crossbody Tote:

This project was for a Crochet Along done by Stitch Together in February 2020. Halfway through, I realized I had not followed the pattern correctly, so I started to do my own thing. I liked how it turned out, now all it needed was a strap! So I researched straps and decided I could either order leather straps on Etsy, or I could go to our local leatherworking store and see if I could get straps the same day. I knew there was a danger that I wouldn’t finish if I didn’t take care of it ASAP!

So I headed to the leatherworking store.

I left the store with a raw leather strap, leather dye, leather finish, and an awl, having spent about $50 and apparently I picked up a new hobby!?

What do you need to do now to finish? All that stands in my way now is to dye and finish a piece of leather, punch holes in it, and sew it to the bag. I wonder why it’s a UFO??

  • Project start date: February 3, 2020
  • Why you’d recommend (or not) this pattern: I recommend the pattern; it was a ton of fun to crochet! Just make sure you have a strap decision made, and probably don’t take on a whole new hobby that will stand in the way of you finishing the project.
  • What pattern is it? What yarn? Janie Crossbody Tote by And She Laughs. I used CotLin held double in 11 colors.

I actually finished a second version of this bag (that I executed correctly), but it also doesn’t have a strap. Who wants to come over and help me finish these bags?!

A top-down view of a partially-finished crochet project in dark red Wonderfluff Yarn

Next Project: Boho Bobble Scarf

I started this second project on a road trip. It was just an improvised triangular bib that I was planning to connect at the back so I can just wear it like a cowl, because I don’t like fussing with shawls or scarves.

  • Project start date: November 20, 2020
  • Goal to complete date: ?
  • Why do you think this project is a UFO? I think it’s because I stopped crocheting it for one day, and then I misplaced it. Wherever it is, I just haven’t seen it so I forgot to keep working on it.
  • What pattern is it? What yarn? It’s an improvised crochet pattern using Wonderfluff in Black Cherry.

CMO Ursula’s UFO

Here is Ursula's UFO. It's a cabled blanket pattern by Edie Eckman that has traveled across years and continents.
A headshot of Ursula Morgan

Ursula is our Chief Marketing Officer, and her UFO is a cabled blanket pattern by Edie Eckman that has traveled across years and continents. Check out that well-loved printed pattern!

  • Project start date: May 2016
  • Goal to complete date: Christmas 2021
  • What you’ve learned: Tons of cabling 
  • Why you’d recommend (or not) this pattern: Yes! Edie Eckman is a master teacher and got me up to speed fast on cables
  • Why do you think this project is a UFO? Need to do the last two blocks and piece together the afghan.
  • What pattern is it? Learn to Knit Cables 
  • What yarn? Worsted Superwash like Swish Worsted in Cobblestone Heather.

Amazon Manager Gerda’s UFO

Gerda's UFO is a knitted sweater of the Super Mario Brothers world

I had to share my crowning UFO (aka biggest knitting headache in years). I started this Super Mario Brothers sweater vest in winter 2017. I actually started and stopped this multiple times due to sizing errors then tension issues. I also had to adjust the pattern so much that the writing on the front looks ridiculous. The main reason why I haven’t finished it is that I was going to embroider most of the dark shading, but the yarn is too big for the small stitch spacing. I just put it away and gave up. Will probably frog and redo as a wall hanging.

Oh and this is knit in Knit Picks Palette and yes I brought it to my job interview. 🙂

What are YOUR UFOs?

Now that we’ve aired our unfinished laundry in public, it’s your turn! Share about your UFOs in the comments!


  1. Meredith MC / June 22, 2021

    I love the Mario top! Don’t frog it! It’s beautiful.

  2. Andrew B Caro / June 17, 2021

    This year World Wide Knit In Public day coincided with World Gin Day. This year UFO might also stand for Unidentified Fiber Object for some of us.

    • Heather Mann / June 17, 2021

      I love “Unidentified Fiber Object,” Andrew! That really describes some of my UFOs.

  3. Fibermamma / June 15, 2021

    Where should I start? Scrappy Duster – ran into a part where a decision had to be made, which was more than my brain could handle, (only been sitting around 6 weeks). Age of Iron shawl – 4 years it has been waiting to be finished (great pattern, discovered I don’t like knitting shawls) I need to try it again. Three, yes, three cardigans (one I actually like, a lot) that have made me realize I do not like long term projects and have to take them a bit at a time and cycle between projects. A pair of house socks that I can’t find the pattern for and I am stalled. I am sure there are more if I look around as I am missing my size 8 (5 mm) foursquare short tip interchangeable needles. What did I start with them I wonder?

    • Heather Mann / June 17, 2021

      The agony and the ecstasy of UFOs! 😀