Tiny Circle to begin my Balmoral Thistle Shawl

I used to go crazy casting-on and knitting the very center of a circular shawl. But, now I start with Emily Ocker’s cast on and then use the Magic Loop method rather than struggle with a set of double pointed needles and a very small number of stitches. I use the Magic Loop as if I were working in a tiny sock leg. Half the stitches on each cable section that are increased at regular intervals. After awhile I will have enough stitches to fit around a 24″ circular needle. From then on, things are relatively easy. I’ll even move onto a 32″ circular needle eventually.
I’m not sure when I will pick up the shawl again. November and December seem to flash by and I’m not sure I will have time to continue before the new year. But, I haven’t finished planning my travel projects for Australia. Umm…. <