Thrumming along!

So, it’s no secret that I love cold weather. There’s just something about bundling up in my winter woollens that I really look forward to. Not all knits are created equal, though – and for warm woollens, just about the warmest you can get is by thrumming.

Thrumming is a process whereby tufts of roving are knitted into the fabric. It’s really easy and fun, and the result is just amazingly warm and soft. If you’ve ever wanted to try it but weren’t sure where to start, try our Toboggan Thrummed Hat and Mitts kit!

The set comes in two colors: Brown and Blue.

Each comes with enough yarn to knit the hat and mitts (and probably another small set of mittens!) and 100g of our Wool of the Andes roving. The colors are soothing, the knitting is simple, and there’s a full photo tutorial about the technique by yours truly!

The best thing about thrumming (besides the amazing warmth) is how fast it is for such a neat result. Thrummed items make really great, quick gifts for loved ones in colder climates, and you can use up scraps of roving in the process. For instance – once you’re hooked on thrumming, try a Wool Roving Pack and make thrums of several different colors in one project! It’s addictive, really, and the perfect answer to the cold weather to come.