Three Color Stranding

One of my favorite parts about working with other knitters and crocheters is how much there is to learn! It seems that everyone has their own repertoire of tips and tricks that they have gathered from years of experience. That being said, this is exactly how this week’s technique of the week came together! Kerin is always working on something, whether it be charity hats, pullovers, or complex colorwork sweaters. While knitting on a hat she had been making up, the converstion turned to the techniques of stranded colorwork, which led (obviously) to how one handles stranding three colors across the row at once! As usual, Kerin was nice enough to indulge my excitement and we created a video tutorial to share this technique with other colorwork obsessed knitters!

The video will show you a very simple technique that solves the potentially messy problem of working three colors across a row at one. Most colorwork patterns will have you alternate between stranding two colors across a row at once. However, if you have dabbled in designs that show off Icelandic and Scandinavian motifs, you might find this easy technique quite handy!

As you can tell on the motif that Kerin is knitting in the video, working three colors at once only happens every few rows. So you do get to enjoy a bit of a break and go back to your regularly schedule two color stranding in between the rows.

Have you tried stranding three colors at once? Or are you an adventurous knitter who has worked more than three at a time?