Things we love: staff favorites

Did you know that every one of the Knit Picks staff knits and/or crochets? In fact, even our customer service representatives are experienced knitters – along with two of our IT staff members. It’s true – we’re knitters too! We thought you might enjoy meeting some of our staff and seeing a few of their favorite items.

Knit Picks staff favorites: Michelle’s picks

Knit Picks Staff: Michelle


Michelle is one of our web developers. She’s the person responsible for programming our emails so you can easily click through to find out more about our amazing yarns, and she’s also an experienced knitter. Michelle is a one-project-at-a-time knitter who would rather knit for other people than herself. Her favorite patterns teach her new techniques and build a strong repertoire to keep her projects interesting and challenging. Here are some of Michelle’s favorite Knit Picks items, and why she loves them.

Stroll Tonal Yarn

Knit Picks Staff Favorites: Stroll Tonal yarn

Michelle’s favorite Knit Picks yarn is Stroll Tonal. “Such depth of color that is so unexpected and elegant! I love using it for patterns where I want bold color and need amazing stitch definition.”

Yarn Swift & Ball Winder

Knit Picks Staff favorites: yarn swift and ball winder

Michelle’s favorite tool is the Yarn Swift and Ball Winder. “I don’t know how I ever had the patience to wind my yarn without these!

Knit Picks staff favorites: Daniel’s picks

Knit Picks Staff: Daniel

Daniel is our Project Manager, which means he does a LOT of stuff. He works with our IDP designers, writes copy for our catalogs and website, and basically juggles a million tasks around here! He is a recovering perfectionist knitter, always looking for weird techniques and patterns with which to frustrate himself in between lace projects.

Palette Yarn

Knit Picks Staff favorites: Palette Yarn

Daniel’s favorite yarn is Palette. “I like yarn with substance and texture, and no matter how good I think it’s going to look, Palette turns out better!

You can learn more about Daniel and see some of his knit designs HERE >>

Lace Blocking Wires

Knit Picks Staff favorites: Lace Blocking Wires

Daniel is our resident lace knitter, and he is a big fan of our Lace Blocking Wires (shown here in our Lace Lover’s Kit). “Irreplaceable for blocking lace! I could adapt to life without my Interchangeable Needles, but I will never knit a shawl without blocking wires!

Knit Picks staff favorites: Amber’s picks

Knit Picks staff: Amber

Amber is one of our Senior Customer Service Operators, and a cheerful face around our offices. As the matriarch sock knitter, Amber knits almost exclusively to keep the feet of her loved ones colorful, warm and toasty! (Just don’t ask her how many unfinished socks she has stashed due to that finicky Kitchener stitch!)

Curio Yarn

Knit Picks Staff favorites Curio

Curio doesn’t get a lot of love, but don’t tell Amber that! “Hands down the BEST crochet cotton on the market. The rich colors, the sheen, the drape – it’s simply amazing!

Nickle Plated DPNs

Knit Picks Staff favorites: Nickel Plated Needles

Amber uses our Nickle Plated Double Pointed needles for her sock knitting. “They are perfectly pointy and super smooth, so I can whip through stitches with zero resistance.

Knit Picks staff favorites: Heidi’s picks

Heidi is our Art Director. She the talented designer who creates the images for our website, emails, and exclusive merchandise. Heidi is a dedicated process knitter who often doesn’t finish projects – and when she does, she gives them away! She loves knitting large blankets and shawls that give her room to play with color and stitch patterns.

Hawthorne Yarn

Knit Picks staff favorites: Hawthorne Yarn

Heidi’s favorite yarn is Hawthorne, and it’s no surprise… she’s the designer who worked with our factory to create Hawthorne! “I love Hawthorne for it’s painterly effect. I can crate gorgeous sweeps of colors with its vibrant, shifting hues.”

Weekend Plans ToteStaff Favorites: Weekend Plans tote


Everyone needs a cute tote to hold their stash, and our Weekend Plans Tote is Heidi’s favorite. “I love storing my (many) projects in this bag. It’s bold, graphic, and best of all – it doesn’t stain!

See some of Heidi’s knit projects by visiting her Ravelry page. Also, visit her Etsy shop to see her fabulous pin designs!

We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting some our staff members, and getting to know us better! Look for more Things We Love: Staff Favorites posts coming soon.


  1. Emily Victoria / August 24, 2017

    I alway love reading about and seeing which products Knit Picks staff are using, it makes the whole company that much more awesome.

  2. Lorraine Meyers / August 24, 2017

    I ordered the 2 tone rose wood yarn bowl and wanted to let you know I absolutely love it .it really stops my yarn from rolli g away from me and unwinds smoothly. last but not least it’s a beautiful work of art thank you

    • Jennifer / August 24, 2017

      So glad you like it Lorraine!