The Sweater!

Obviously, I love to knit! And, I love to knit interesting and challenging sweaters. But, now that I have finally finished my Classic Lines Cardigan (CLiC), I can imagine knitting a sweater pattern more than once! Alison’s design is absolutely frightening in its simplicity, its versatility and its functionality.

Let’s start with the simplicty. Body knit in the round, sleeves knit in the round, joined, decreased neckline, quick steek cut, buttonband and Finished!! This has got to be one of the best “mindless” knitting projects!

The versatility is what has got me tempted to knit another CLiC. I know, I can hear it now, “It took you nearly two years to knit the first one!” But, I’ve been watching the different kit versions come in from our sample knitters and I have even more appreciation for the CLiC!

Remember that the sample knitters weren’t really knitting for a particular size. We were more focused on getting versions of the color options than on the sizing. The result was a range of sweaters from my rather dressy version to what looks like a boyfriend sweater! Just too many possibilities between mixing and matching colors and sizing!

Funtionality? Please, it’s a cardigan!!

One more thing – this is a Merino (Shadow) Alpaca and Silk (Shimmer) sweater for less than $40.00! Sorry! I try not to do the “sales thing” on my blog but that little bit of math really has my attention.

Umm, what should I use for my next color combo? Definitely a sloppy, weekend sweater this time! Oh, and with buttons this time! Something fun and silly! In fact, I have something in mind! I’ll tell you about it after I’ve bought the buttons!

Why do I feel like I am watching the beginning of a sweater cult?