Another Treat for Your Feet

I finally just started wearing socks again last week. Having a clinically-diagnosed, severe case of OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder: Any adult that is overly excited about Christmas and has a more than normal preoccupation with Christmas decorations and clothing or has more than two Christmas trees), my subconscious is constantly on the look out for Christmas cues – those magical markers that point the way to that sacred time of year. Socks are one of them. When my feet are no longer in commando mode, I know it’s at least October, and to the OCD, October is officially when the Christmas season begins (perhaps OCD could also stand for Obsessive Crafting Disorder??)

Stroll Hand Painted Sock Yarn | Knit Picks
Just in time for the Christm … err, I mean Sock Season, we have four beeeeeeautiful new colors in Stroll Hand Painted, our super-soft and washable sock yarn. I adore the handcrafted ambiance of this yarn!

Here are the lovely new shades:

The delicate and understated elegance of Herbal Wreath:Stroll Hand Painted Sock Yarn Herbal Wreath | Knit Picks

The eye-catching glamour of Hollywood:Stroll Hand Painted Sock Yarn Hollywood| Knit PicksThe perfectly-pastel palette of Sweetie:Stroll Hand Painted Sock Yarn Sweetie | Knit PicksThe refreshing forest stroll of Woodland:

Stroll Hand Painted Sock Yarn Woodland
Along with our new Stroll Tonal colors, I helped create these new colors for Stroll Hand Paint, mocking up the colorways in my design program before sending them off to our manufacturer. One of the great things about working as a graphic designer in a digital world is that my work is easily fixed and updated with a just few magical clicks of the mouse. The heart-breaking ‘oh-crap-we-just-printed-two-thousand-copies-with-the-wrong-date” moments that must be the bane of print & product designers rarely occur in my world.

Stroll Hand Painted New Yarn Colors | Knit Picks

The permanence of tangible products such as yarn is therefore a little terrifying to me, but also incredibly rewarding. If you mess up, there’s no going back. However, there is something supremely satisfying about holding something you helped create in your hands. A thing you can touch, not just click, refresh or download. As I’m sure you’ll agree with me, this is significant part of the joy of crafting.

Speaking of the joy of crafting, have you started your holiday projects yet? What’s on your to-make list (besides socks, of course)?


  1. Miss Michelle / November 4, 2014

    love LoVe LOVE the pastels!

  2. TFQ / November 4, 2014

    I agree with Michaela. I really miss Swish Tonal, and hope that y’all are working on a replacement for that yarn line.

    • Heidi / November 24, 2014

      You’re in luck! We just released a Wool of the Andes Tonal today – limited edition! 🙂

  3. Michaela / November 3, 2014

    All these new multi-color colorways are just lovely, but it would be nice to see some of them show up in the heavier weight yarns (like Swish or Wool of the Andes). Due to vision problems, I can no longer work with anything lighter than DK and I really miss the fun and convenience of multi-color yarns.

    • Heidi / November 24, 2014

      You’re in luck! We just released a Wool of the Andes Tonal today – limited edition! 🙂