Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara Walker DVD Giveaway

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New techniques, especially different stitches, can be so fun to learn! However, if you are new to stitch dictionaries – sifting through all of those instructions can seem a bit daunting, especially when the stitch uses an unfamiliar abbreviation or references an obscure technique. Additionally, everyone learns at a different pace and in different ways. For this reason, having technique and reference videos is so important, it really makes learning accessible to a wider range of crafters. This is why I am so happy to say we are giving away one copy of the DVD, “Stitch Heaven Salutes Barbara Walker!” The best part? It is signed by Barbara Walker!

Like so many people I know, I am a visual learner. If I am able to watch
someone or see a video, I find myself understanding a stich or
technique almost right away. When I only have written instructions or
pages of explainations, I often find myself rereading sections, trying
to piece together all the different steps. Even with clear diagrams and
illustrations, I find it is not the same as when I can see the full,
fluid motion of whatever I am trying to learn.

Barbara Walker’s work has been a wealth of information and inspiration to knitters throughout the decades. In this DVD, experienced knitting instructors go through 18 of Barbara Walker’s stitch patterns from her Treasury of Knitting Patterns collection and demonstrate step-by-step instructions for creating the designs. As the teachers go through the stitch patterns, they are able to give helpful hints and tips to creating the design successfully and with ease. Additionally, knitters of all skill levels will be able to clearly see every step, including motions and techniques that can seem a bit difficult to understand at first. Featuring over 3 1/2 hours of demonstrations, tips and tricks – the DVD also includes an interview with Barbara Walker! And what could be better than getting advice from the designer herself? Once you master these stitches, there are endless ways of incorporating them into your own designs and patterns. Not only is Barbara’s work informative and educational, but it can be a source of so much inspiration as well.

All in all, Barbara Walker is definately one of my all time knitting heros – and being able to give away one copy of this amazing DVD is such a fun way to share her techniques and inspiration! All you have to do is
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