Staff Projects: Cacti, Sweaters, and Afghans – Oh My!

The great thing about featuring staff projects is seeing the diversity of things that the Knit Picks’ employees make with our yarns. I love seeing things in the office that are so unique and different. I also love seeing the different ways we all use KP yarns for garments, and the ways the different blends lend themselves to different kinds of sweaters. Here are some recent staff projects. See what you think!


Alison made this epic cactus from 3 skeins of Tuff Puff in Macaw, with 1 skein of Tuff Puff in Pucker for the pompom. She had no pattern, so she knit a rectangle and gathered it at the top. The pompom was made using the Jumbo Clover Pompom Maker. Made for her daughter Audrey, this cactus is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! If you’re looking for a good cactus pattern, I would recommend Cute & Easy Cacti (Ravelry link).  It’s free, and you can customize it as you’d like!


Hannah has been busy making sweaters. She’s in love with a pattern called Brick (Ravelry link), and says it’s her go-to pattern for top-down sweaters. We can see why. The fit is fabulous. The gray one, above, is made in Andes Del Campo yarn in the color Mystery Heather. Sadly, we don’t carry this full yarn line anymore, but we do sell it bare, and a sweater in it would be just as gorgeous, don’t you think?


Stacey has made her second Tuff Granny blanket, this time in neutrals! She used The Big Cozy in Bare, Finnely Heather, Marble Heather, Briar Heather, Cobblestone Heather, and Bittersweet Heather. Two skeins of each made the most gorgeous and snuggly lap blanket. I’d love to craft my whole wintertime queue while sitting underneath it!


Back to Hannah, she made this Perly May sweater (Ravelry link) in some Knit Picks Pima Cotton Special Reserve Yarn she had stashed. She made the smallest size, and though this yarn is also not available anymore, she thinks it would be an amazing project in Billow or Lindy Chain held double or triple, depending on your gauge.


Finally, I made this penguin sweater for my older daughter. The pattern is rather obscure. It’s by Ginger Originals, though I bought the pattern individually, by mail order, years and years ago. If you’re charmed by the sweater, however, I’d highly recommend this (free!) Penguin sweater pattern. Very similar, and so sweet! I used Swish DK for my project, but if you made the other pattern you could use Swish Worsted, and it would knit up even faster! For hard wearing, super soft, superwash garments, there’s just nothing better than Swish.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the projects we’ve completed lately. We can’t wait to show you the gift-knitting we’ve been doing!


  1. Fuego Azul / November 18, 2015

    Beautiful projects. 🙂 I just bought 15 skeins of Galileo in black to make my very first sweater for my fiancé & I can’t wait!

    • Meredith MC / November 19, 2015

      You’re very brave to knit your first sweater in black. It’s notoriously hard to see when you’re knitting it. Swatch carefully all of the techniques you’ll be using beforehand and you’ll do great! Good luck.

  2. floribunda / November 17, 2015

    a note of caution… the Brick pattern on Ravelry refers to an app called “Raglanify” which sounds very cool so I bought it. However, it doesn’t work at all, and there are numerous complaints about it (Rav forum) that have apparently gone unanswered for years. Caveat Emptor

    • Anissa / November 18, 2015

      Thank you so much for sharing this tip. I had the Brick pattern in my favorites already so will proceed with caution.

  3. Kelly / November 17, 2015

    I made a very similar cactus as a TP cover for my bathroom. It makes me smile everytime I go in there!