Spring books are arriving!

Wow is it a busy spring for new books…
Closely Knit by Hannah Fettig

Books are coming in left and right! Thought I would show you some of my favorites:
Start Spinning by Maggie Casey

Guy Knits by The Best of Knitter’s

There are so many more… check out the NEW books on our website.

This last weekend the Pacfic Northwest had the most amazing weather! Spring hit with all her glory… I had the opportunity to be over on the Oregon coast. Here’s a pic of the view I got to look at while knitting on my new project!

On My needles: did I ever tell you that I’m a noncomformist? always going down a different path… well this week is not any different… I found my stash of cotton yarns… of course, not enough for one whole sweater. So I decided to be creative:
I’m working on a vest, with diagonal lines

– of course that means working on the bias, something I’ve never done before… We’ll see if I’m going to wear it, or find it in the UFO pile (which is getting quite large now!). Till next time, happy knitting! <