Something wicked this way comes

I finished a new pair of socks just in time for our cold, fall weather. I call them my “Wicked Socks.”

I used Imagination in “Wicked Witch” for the main color and “Frog Prince” for the contrasting heels, toes & cuffs. By using a contrasting color for the toes & heels, I only needed one skein of the Wicked Witch for very generously high socks. (My shoe size is 9, so it’s not like I have tiny feet either.)

I must have loosened up considerably by the time I knit the second sock because my sock is a little bigger and the yarn pooled in slightly thicker stripes. You can see this on the left foot in this photo (sorry about the blurry photo–I’m sure you know how hard it is to photograph your own feet!):

Oh well, I love mis-matchy socks anyway! I wore them on Friday, and they kept my feet toasty warm (but not hot). They were a little baggy on first wearing, so I washed them inside out in the washing machine and dried them on low. They fluffed up nicely and shrunk ever-so-slightly. (Photos are from post-washing.)

PS: All the colors of Imagination are back in stock if you want to make some wicked-cool winter socks of your own… <